Celebrities who went make-up free, feeling empowered and confident in their natural beauty 


Many people struggle to put on make-up and feel that they would rather not wear it. However, it can be a hassle to put on the right colors, find the time to do it in the morning, and not have it smear off. Celebrities are no exception to this rule.

Holly Willoughby, Aged 41 – Worth $13.34 Million


Holly Willoughby has been a TV presenter since 2009, co-anchoring the show This Morning on ITV and hosting other shows such as Dancing on Ice alongside Phillip Schofield. The above photos depict Holly Willoughby’s transformation with her make-up. She seems just as gorgeous even without it. Although some may not consider her as a conventional beauty, I can only see how gorgeous she is when I look at her smile. Those dazzling white teeth do complement her beauty perfectly. She is happily married to Daniel Baldwin, a TV producer, and they have three children. Holly has recently, around June 2018, been more open about her dyslexia and is not ashamed to share her story.

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