A girl who greets a police officer every day – Officer decides to check in…


Let’s go to the beginning of the story


Are you fascinated and captivated by the story of a girl who waves at every cop that goes by her house? You’re not alone.  Assuming they are decent people, she can probably expect an officer to show up on her doorstep from time to time, but this particular fellow decided to stop in for tea one day.

To his surprise, he found quite a bit more than he was looking for…

Officer Sebastian sees a young woman waving to him from her window every day on his patrol. Basically, when something goes wrong, he just knows and breaks all the rules to investigate. So when one day he doesn’t see her standing there anymore, he knows something isn’t right and breaks all the rules to get there as quickly as possible. After finally entering her room, he gets exactly the answer he wanted

He became unsure if he really wanted them or not…

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