21 Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Still Together


It seems like Hollywood couples don’t survive very long. Whether it’s the paparazzi’s pressure or the inevitable power struggles, it can appear that when two famous people get together, it’s hardly works out. But there are a number of celebrity couples who have defied the odds by staying together for years and, in many cases, flying under the radar. Although not all of them marry, their long-lasting relationships have inspired us to believe in the power of love! Check out these 20 famous long-term celebrity couples you probably didn’t realize were still together.


1. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden


Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were introduced by Diaz’s close friend Nicole Richie, who is married to the Good Charlotte rocker’s brother, Joel Madden. Diaz and Madden tied the knot on January 5, 2015. (just three months after they got engaged, and less than a year after they first became an item).

“I’m not sure if I was prepared [when I married], but I knew Benji was unique. “He’s just a good man,” Diaz said of their wedding, adding that he is “the best thing that ever happened to me.” “to occur to her. “Marriage is unquestionably difficult and time-consuming. You need someone who is willing to do the work alongside you, because there is no such thing as a 60-40 split in marriage. It’s a 50/50 shot. Every time.” That is true collaboration!

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